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Our generational experience in the roofing industry serves as the veritable backbone of AJecks Roofing and we are now largely considered the leading roofing contractor in the Marlton, NJ region. Specializing in flat roofing, commercial roofing, re-roofing, repairs, building applications, overall exterior repairs, and much, much more - our roofing expertise and experience speaks for itself!

Our focus on our customer’s satisfaction is one of our main trademarks in the roofing industry & we’ve forged a loyalty of repeat business with nearly every client we’ve been hired to complete roofing installations or repairs for. We treat each & every roofing project differently in the sense that each & every roofing client has a unique requirement; however, every contract we obtain is fulfilled in all of the ideal areas: timeliness, industry standards, quality, and diligence.

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With our constant communication and project updates being one of the most overlooked and under-fulfilled aspects most clients experience with other roofing contractors, we are changing the roofing field. This company-specific business model we follow allows our customers to have first-hand involvement with their roofing repair or roofing installation. Furthermore, because of this coupled with the quality of our work, we are able to retain our clients for years and garner repeat business. We place a large emphasis on loyalty here at AJecks Roofing and we feel that it’s always a two-way street in the roofing service industry. If we remain loyal to our customer base and loyal to our tried and proven principles we’ve established, our clients will remain loyal to us in return.

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